Shock Enforcer™ Handy Welder

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Strong for shock and twist after repair, stainless steel staples will not rust.

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The ideal way to repair most modern products which are made of plastics. Suitable for repairing and reinforcing parts of all automobiles, such as bumpers, dashboards, spoilers, headlight fittings, and assemblies.




  • Hot stapler for making solid, permanent repairs of breaks, cracks and tears in rigid or flexible thermoplastic parts.
  •  Easy to use, saves time and money, suitable for automotive, power sports, hobby and industrial applications.
  • No training required, learn to use in seconds. 



The Hot stapler plastic repair kit is designed for a quick and easy way of welding cracked and damaged plastic parts back together efficiently. 

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Features a all in one suitcase, easy to carry, including 1x Hot stapler unit, 1x Cutter, 1x Triangle electrode.


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  • 50x flat Staples.
  • 50x outside corner Staples.
  • 50x inside corner Staples.
  • 50x wave Staples.



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