Swift Enforcer Automatic Chain Nail Gun Feeder

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The Automatic Nail Feeder makes for great workmanship, more stable and reliable jobs done in minutes. A absolute time saver!

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Suitable for a nail gun or electric drill. 

Accurate delivery of nails, it is not easy for nails to fall off. 

Highly effective for replacement of old or damaged nails.



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"There's a huge hassle of reaching over for tools constantly and it can really distract anyone from having a finished project sooner. The time saved makes for a surprising head start."

- Daniel Bosch



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  • Fast, continuous and accurate, nail feeding, easy to operate.
  • Screw length adjustable. For different length screws, the nozzle length should be selected.
  • Depth length adjustable. Adjust screw up, shallower, adjust screw down, deeper.
  • Applicable to the installation of ceiling, kitchen cabinets, etc.




Easy to install, put the batch head into the electric drill and tighten it, then insert the gun head into the electric drill and tighten it. Connect the automatic nail feeder and the tool head. Install the chain nail to complete the installation.

Automatic nailing, no support, can ensure fast and continuous stable nails, more convenient operation and improve work efficiency.

Package Included:

1PC * Chain Nail Adapter

1PC * Chain (With Screws)


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